Shoulder Sashes

Shoulder sashes are becoming more popular for a wide range of purposes:

  • Show girls
  • Fashions of the Field
  • Promotions
  • Rodeos and pony clubs
  • Hen’s parties and events

Shoulder sashes are available in single colour, bi-colour or tri-colour ribbon.

Text on shoulder sashes can be in any ink colour (including metallic gold and silver), or for added effect can be in high-shine gold or silver foil print.

Shoulder sashes are fastened on the hip with velcro and supplied with an appropriate sized rosette (or no rosette for a cheaper alternative).

Toddlers 120cm long x 7.5cm wide
Children 135cm long x 7.5cm wide
Teenager 150cm long x 10cm wide
Adult 175cm long x 10cm wide
Adult 175cm long x 15cm wide
Large Adult 200cm long x 10cm or 15cm wide

Shoulder Sash Sample

Shoulder sash with rosette

Features of this particular Shoulder Sash with a 12 cm Rosette

Size 175cm x 10cm
Ribbon Colour Red
Ink Colour Metallic Gold
Fringe Colour Metallic Gold
Motif Provided by Customer

Tri colour shoulder sashes

Features of this particular  Tri-Colour Shoulder Sash with a 19 cm Rosette

Size 185cm x 15cm
Ribbon Colour Tri-colour: Red, White & Emerald
Ink Colour White & Black
Fringe Colour Black
Motif Provided by Customer


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