Text Fonts & Colours

Text Colours

Screen-printing of text and images onto the ribbon is in either ink or foil.

Ink colours can be selected from a wide range, including:

  • Metallic gold (standard)
  • Metallic silver (standard)
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue
  • White
  • Black
  • Green
  • Burgundy
  • Navy
  • Purple
  • Lilac
  • Grey
  • Custom ink colours are available on request.

Foil printing in metallic gold or silver is available on Shoulder Sashes only, for added effect.

Text Styles

We have a large range of fonts/typestyles to choose from, so you can design a conservative or creative look for your ribbons. Below are some examples, but more are available on request.

Type style  
Vogue Arabia
Thunder Bay Bassoon
Brooklyn Briquet
Posse Palm Springs
New Brunswick Heidelberg
Renfrew Merlin
Southern Victorian
Flamenco D Freehand 521BT
Homeward Bound Indiana
Stamp Umbrella
Urwood Zurich Calligraphic
Kaufmann Davida

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