Our rosettes are handmade in high quality satin. They are tightly and neatly pleated and come complete with a safety pin ready to wear or hang. Rosettes can be supplied with bridle hooks or arm ties at no extra cost, if requested.

Our rosettes include a central, plastic-coated button on which your club name, award and logo can be printed in colour (see some examples below).

Rosettes can range in size from a 9cm diameter single tier (single colours) to a 19cm diameter 4-tier (4-colour) . Our most popular, and best value, rosettes are the 12cm single tier and the 15cm 2-tier (2-colour).

The number of tails and the length of the tails supplied are generally in proportion to the size of the rosette. Longer tails can be requested and supplied at no additional cost.

We can print your club name or an award on the rosette tails at an extra cost. However, most clubs request the details be included on the button.

Rosette Sizes

Rosette Sizes

Rosette Examples