Do we need to ask for fringing to go on the sashes?

No, fringing is standard, unless you tell us otherwise. The colour of the fringe is matched to the main ink colour used. The printing and fringing are included in the price. Place Ribbons do not have fringing however.

Is it more expensive to have metallic gold or silver ink?

We can use metallic ink at no extra cost.

What is the difference between metallic ink and metallic foil print?

These are two different manufacturing techniques.  Metallic ink is used in our standard screen-printing technique.  If you’re after a really enhanced shine, the foil print is available on Shoulder Sashes (note that an extra cost is applicable, and only small batch orders are possible in foil print).

For the tri-colours, can we have different colours to the usual red, white and blue?

You can have whatever combination you want from our available ribbon colours. Just list the colours on your order form.

Are bi-colours available?

Yes, in certain sizes – just ask for them. Prices are a little less than tri-colour sashes.

What wording do we need to put on the ribbons and sashes?

This is completely up to your club, but it is suggested that the basic club or event name appear on all the place ribbons, and on the top of the sashes. The remaining space on the sashes will contain the event information, or simply something like “champion”. You may get some ideas from browsing example photos throughout our website.

Can we have different motifs on different parts of the order?

Yes, but there may be extra charges multiple motifs used.

Can we have our own club logo printed?

No problem. Send us the design and we will prepare the logo. There may be a once only charge to do this (approx. $30 – $50). But if the logo is sent in a clear format and if we need to spend little time preparing the logo to print, then there is no charge.

What length ribbon do I need for horses?

Usually 120cm x 5cm is sufficient to tie the ribbon around the horse’s neck. This is the standard length ribbon for pony club events. Sashes are usually the same length. Larger animals may have longer ribbons (e.g. events for larger horses often benefit from 135-150cm length), and we make smaller ones for dogs, cavies, poultry and pavilion awards.



Where can I get a price list?

Given the variety of ribbons available, and different degrees of customisation, we find it better to provide individual quotes rather than publish a standard price list. If you’d like to know more about prices, please contact us to discuss a quote.

Can we place a small order?

Any size is acceptable, however, smaller orders may incur a setup fee. You will save on postage by combining several smaller orders into one. Place ribbons get cheaper the more you order in any one order.

How do I pay for my order?

We allow three weeks from the date of invoice for payment from established customers. New customers may be asked to pay at the time of ordering.

How much is delivery?

Cost of delivery depends on the weight of the order, and the method of post through Australia Post (standard vs express).  For further details, refer to our Delivery section.

Do I get a mock up/proof of my order before committing?

We certainly can provide a mock up of your order, on request.

How much notice do we need to give for an order?

Most orders can be supplied within 3 weeks, but we do ask for 4-6 weeks plus delivery time to allow for our very busy periods. We will also do rush orders but an extra fee may apply.

Closure over Christmas/New Year period?

We close down for a couple of weeks for the Christmas/New Year period, so please keep that in mind if you are needing an order towards the end of the year. We start back up a few days after New Year.



If ribbons get creased, how do I fix them?

Satin ribbons can be ironed carefully with thick cotton material both sides of the ribbon and a cool iron used.